Landscape Architecture, Construction and Maintenance

The landscape process encompasses several phases:

Design and Specifications
Construction and Planning

The services of Dirt-n-Turf Consulting, Inc. can assist you in every one of these steps.

What Clients Have to Say

Our services provide you with a ‘Staff Agronomist’ without the internal cost. Listen to what one of our clients has to say:

“…After asking ourselves how we could improve plant selection, soil conditions, and bid accuracy, and avoid change orders and other construction issues, we decided to improve our approach to soil specification and plant selection. We decided to start obtaining soil information before we began any planting design or contract documentation. By asking you to take soil samples, obtain soil analyses, interpret existing soil conditions, and recommend specific soil amendments, we have improved our practice of landscape architecture and project execution…”

Ted Wolff, ASLA, Wolff Clements and Associates, LTD.

Ted went on to say that these services have provided the following benefits to their company:

  • Better plant selection, with plant selection based more closely on specific plant species’ soil requirements and matching them as closely as possible to existing or amended soil conditions
  • Improved soil specifications that include specific requirements for both methods and quantities for soil amendments, subsurface drainage, import soil, etc.
  • More accurate bids, and possibly lower bids, that require no guesswork, allowances, or contingencies because the requirements for soil amendments, subsurface drainage, import soil, etc., are clear to all parties
  • Tighter bid range, due to landscape contractors all bidding on the same specifications
  • Fewer change orders or construction phase discussions regarding responsibility for soil amendments, due to initial clarity in the specifications included in the contract documents
  • Better long-term plant growth and survival which is, after all, the common goal of the Owner, the landscape contractor, and the landscape architect