At this point Landscape Contractors utilize our services to help them create fertilizer and organic amendments that will meet the requirements set forth in the specifications. In addition, if a client is bidding a project where Dirt-n-Turf did not write the specifications, then they may hire us for the Site Inspection. By this proactive approach, they will assure themselves that the soil and site conditions are conducive to the proposed scope of work.

If you are new to our services and are bidding the requirements of one of our projects, we will assist you in finding the amendments that are spelled out in the specifications. In addition, our on-site services are also available to help you understand the amendment and drainage processes that we have suggested.

In addition to these services, it is at this point that Landscape Contractors use our services to limit their replacement liability. Proactive companies will use our services to determine if the site conditions and specifications will provide a proper planting environment. If not, then the client finds themselves with two very important options:

  • Provide the Owner or Architect with our reports that illustrate the shortcomings of the property and specifications. This level of professionalism will generally add to the credibility of your horticulture expertise and make you the primary bidder.
  • This may well be the escape hatch you are looking for. If our analysis indicates that there is a high likelihood of plant failure, then you have an opportunity to ‘get out’ prior to risking funds and damaging your reputation.