Construction and Planning

landscape-problemsDirt-n-Turf clients use our services to assure themselves that this process indeed meets the requirements set forth in specifications. After all, it makes little sense to write specifications if we are not going to enforce them! Our agronomy staff has more than 30 years of horticulture training and experience. With this knowledge base, we are able to oversee the construction process and see that proper cultural procedures are in place and being adhered to.

But what about the independent contractor?

Dirt-n-Turf Consulting, Inc. provides troubleshooting services to help you with the everyday landscape. Our staff can analyze your sites and assess any limiting factors. These factors often include such things as soil chemistries, texture, and drainage.

One of our North Shore clients writes:

Prior to turf fertilization on maintenance sites or amending soils on construction sites, it is not unusual to perform soil tests. Although how useful is a confusing report of chemistry without an understandable, common sense interpretation? The turnkey services at Dirt-n-Turf Consulting, Inc. process your soil samples, provide results and recommendations in a useable format and assist you with valuable material resources. The seamless service at Dirt-n-Turf Consulting makes site specific fertility programs a practical option at our company.

Tom Fisher, The Fisher Burton Company

Tom said it all! Our goal is to improve your site performance with a minimum amount of effort. This is the major difference between the service provided by Dirt-n-Turf Consulting, Inc. and those provided by fertilizer companies and soil testers.