Design & Specifications

During this phase of the landscape process, you, the designer and architect, will need to produce the procedural blueprint. These specifications will dictate the procedures that in many cases, dictates the ultimate success or failure of the site.

Below is a list of many areas in which our expertise and services are employed:

Site Analysis

This process begins with a visit to the proposed site to look for agronomic hurdles that may become a hindrance to the success of future plantings. At this time our staff will generally sample the existing soil in order to review two primary components:

  • Physical Analysis-Sand, Silt, & Clay percentages
  • General Chemistries-Soil Audit and Inventory of the present soil nutrition

Specification Review

At this point our staff will review the data collected from the previous Site Analysis. Our next step is to see that the written specifications include the proper corrective procedures as dictated by the soil analysis.

Often times we will provide our clients with pre-written specifications that they may ‘cut and paste’ into their present project. This serves to save both time and money as well as further educate the design staff in the corrective process. This is also the point where Landscape Architects will determine the procedures that must be followed by the Landscape Contractor. These steps often include several items:

  • Corrective Chemistry Packages
  • Starter Fertilizers
  • Drainage Requirements
  • Bed Preparation Procedures
  • Organic Amendments
  • Planting Procedures
  • Topsoil Specifications