How Our Services Work

The power of a Dirt-n-Turf program comes with our ‘onsite’ service and commitment.

It is this ‘hands on’ approach that separates Dirt-n-Turf Consulting, Inc. from soil testers or other once a year, would-be consulting companies.

Site Visit

This is where the journey begins. Our first function is to spend time with you, the Superintendent, at your business, the golf course. During these site visits we will conduct informal ‘audits’ of the course. These audits includes such things as:

  • Cultural Practices
  • Age of the Course Green Constructions
  • Drainage Problems
  • Traffic patterns
  • Shade or other Cultural Problems
  • Equipment review
  • Irrigation System

The audit would not be complete without a discussion of the dreaded, but all important budget. As stated earlier, while our first objective is to improve playing conditions, we are fully aware that this must be done within the confines of the budget.

By taking a moment to read some of our client testimonials, you will find that most courses save the cost of our program every year in improved cultural practices and nutrient efficiencies resulting in improved playing conditioning.

Soil Samples

Sound agronomy is the backbone of any strong golf course maintenance program. However, most Superintendents are so consumed by managerial duties that agronomy gets replaced by general fertility.

Our job is to assist and enhance each course’s agronomic strategies. We will start by sampling your course and deciding which elements are lacking or excessive. We then make clear, easy to understand recommendations aimed at producing and maintaining proper nutrient ratios and balance.

Balanced Properties

Our entire process is to determine which factors are most limiting the progress or success of your course. By factors we are referring to Chemical, Physical, or Biological properties of the soil as well as porosity which affects water and air movement and availability. We feel strongly that if anyone of these ‘properties’ is missing or out of balance then the others will suffer as well. Our property flow chart looks something like this;

Physical properties => Water movement=> Air movement=> Biological life=> Nutrient availability (chemical)

Explained…..the better the water moves through the profile the better the gas exchange and the more air in the rootzone. When air and water are properly managed the biology will stay healthy and ward off disease cycles. Even more, when the biology is happy then the nutrients we apply become more efficient and available to the turf.

Fee Stuff

For most of our clients, consulting fees are wrapped up in our sampling fees. However, many clients want more of a ‘partnership’ relationship where we become a regular part of their day-to-day operation. We are more than happy to accommodate the needs and budgets of every client and will customize a program to fit each situation.